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   Fully restored low cost vintage motorcycles are bringing crazy money right now. To heck with buying gold! Vintage bikes are the real investment! Buy cheap vintage cycles while there are still barn finds and good deals! Some can be restored for only a few hundred dollars, so they are a high return investment indeed!
You can restore a junker for 70% less than a car!

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   Low cost vintage motorcycles examples: BSA Gold Star Victor Norton Commando Honda CB750 305 Dream CL450 Scrambler Kawasaki H1 H2 Harley Davidson Shovelhead Sprint 350 Triumph 650 T120 vintage motorcycles Maico 400 Husky 390 430 Husqvarna 500 CZ 380 400 MX Bultaco Purasng 250 360 Ossa Montesa and Hodaka.

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My last project was a Yamaha XS 650 that I made into a street tracker or dirt tracker. I have owned several large and heavy adventure bikes because myself is 300 pounds. I got to thinking that a stripped down XS650 weighs much less and has just as much power. Plus the center a gravity is much lower. I could ride my XS 650 so much faster and feel more in control. I pretty much done the same thing when I was a teenager with a Honda CL77 305 Scrambler. The CL77 305 would rev to 9,000 RPM and was quicker off road than my dad's Triumph 650. I removed all the heavy lights and fenders and put on some Dunlop knobby tires front and back. About the time I did this some guys won the Baja 1000 on a Honda CL 350 Scrambler that was modified.
Some of the most sought after vintage and antique motorcycles from 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 and 1969 are: Ariel Arrow Square Four AJS scrambler Cotton trials bike White Greeves Griffon Trail bike Matchless 650 Matchless 500 G80 twin BSA B44 441cc motocross Bushman Triumph T20 Tiger Cub Tiger TR6 buy vintage Rickman Triumph Hodaka Ace 90 Vespa scooter Honda cub 50cc CL90 160 and 305 CL77 Honda Dream CB77 Superhawk buy Sears Allstate 106 and antique Sears 124 and Twingle 250cc, Wizzer Parrilla Aermacchi HD Montgomery Wards Riverside dealer Kawasaki Green Streak for sale Online auction sites and classified ads are also a great place to search for parts. Many people will sell leftover items and bikes that are seemingly beyond repair on the Web. If you are lucky, you might be able to find someone who is selling the same bike that you are working on at a low cost. Gilera parts Moto Beta 450 Ducati 350 Scrambler Vincent Black Shadow AHRMA Victor and B50 500cc Gold Star for sale. Triumph Bonneville 650 parts antique Jawa 250 Zundapp Puch buy Bridgestone 90cc 175cc and Bridgestone 350cc Monark Norton Maxx 750 CZ twin pipe 360 Husqvarna BUltaco Campera Matrella TSS Harley Davidson Shovel Head Rapido Baja 100 Sprint 350 Sportster 900 Electra Glide Matchless G50 G80 Velocette Viper Clubman antique Velocette 350 Benelli mini bikes Benelli Six Munch Mammoth BSA Lightning Rocket Bantam . Keep checking your local Craigslist and eBay for bargains. Norton, BSA, Triumph and all British Vintage Motorcycles Dealer This is because the parts required for these bikes will most likely be discontinued by their manufacturers. However, there are ways to find vintage motorcycle parts for sale. Cheap Skid Steer Loader Tires Low Cost MX Tires Enduro

Triumph BSA Norton Maico CZ Husqvarna Bultaco Ossa Montesa Indian Sears Matchless

I would like to get a Yamaha SR 500 or Honda FT 500 to make into an off road rat bike. Both are single cylinder thumpers and known for above average reliability. The reason I would choose the SR500 or FT500 over the Yamaha XT 500 or Honda XL 500 is because they are lower slung already like a flat track bike. Both the SR and FT come with an electric starter you can't get on the enduros. I would strip off all the lights and fenders, add trials tires and motocross handlebars. If I was to do it right, I would strip it down to just the frame, then remove all the unused tabs and brackets. I built one like this out of a Suzuki GN 400 that was so cool. I had a gas tank and seat from a old retro Suzuki TM 250 on it. When I was done I could blow the doors off my buddies XR500 on mountain fire roads. I would like to build one out of a Kawasaki KZ 750 twin just for the power, but it may be too heavy. You guys may think this is funny, but I can remember a cross country desert race back in 1972 where there was about a dozen racers on stripped Harley Davidson Sportster cycles that would leave the 400 Husky and 250 Bultaco Pursang riders in the dust.

Best Single thumper for street tracker or dirt track. Yamaha SR400 SR500 XT500 thumper street tracker Honda FT500 single XL500 XL350 street tracker for sale Suzuki GN500 single GN400 DR500 DR400 and SP370 street tracker dirt track.

Best Twin cylinder for Brat Style Bobber Cafe Street Fighter. Classic Yamaha XS650 XS500 XS400 Brat Style Bobber Cafe Street Fighter for sale Honda CM450 CB500 twin CM400 CB360 Brat Style Bobber Cafe Street Fighter Kawasaki KZ440 KZ400 KZ305 KZ750 twin Suzuki GS450 GS400 and GS300 Brat Style Bobber Cafe Street Fighter.
The 1970's vintage bikes are climbing fast in value. The real bargains are the early enduro and mini-cycles. The two stroke road bikes are rising fast in value too. The most popular street model of all time is the Honda CB and CL 350, and they are still easy to find. Look at classic motorcycles from 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 are: Hodaka Super Rat and Hodaka Combat Wombat Raider BSA Rocket 3 for sale Triumph Chopper Kawasaki KX400 KZ 900 H1 500 Mach III H2 750 F9 Bighorn AHRMA 350 F11 250 100cc trail KD 175 Maico 400 Minarelli Rupp Blackwidow Rupp Roadster Moto Guzzi Eldorado 850 AMF Harley Davidson XR750 Pan Head CZ 380 parts bike Norton 850 Commando dealer Triumph 750 Trident T120 T140 Indian 125 MX Indian mini bike Cushman scooter Powell mini bike tote goat MV Agusta 350 Sport Bultaco Pursang Matador Lobito 360 El Bandito Montadero Bultaco Alpina Frontera Sherpa S T Ossa Pioneer Stiletto Phantom BMW R60 R90 R75 GS80 Montesa Cappra Scorpion Penton Six Days classic DKW Sachs Hercules 125 Yankee 500 American Eagle Gemini with Fuji engine Honda Monkey 50cc minitrail GL1000 Any bike older than 20 years is classed as vintage. This classification now includes Japanese marques that are gaining in popularity because reasonably-priced, and available, parts make restoration projects much easier. Still, the genuine article remains the British, European, and certain American-made motorcycles of the 1970's and earlier. Goldwing rare CB400 Four Honda CL175 K6 CB200 CT70 CT90 SL 125 SL350 CL Scrambler TL250 trials CB500 CB350 Honda CB 360 450 CB 750 CB500 CB750 CB900 dealer Elsinore 125 and 250 MR. Yamaha RD350 RD400 AT1 125 CT1 175 DT1 250 enduro RT1 MX 360 Yz 250 YZ 360 650 Special Yamaha XJ1100 TT500 thumper 80cc mini enduro rare Suzuki TM400 TM125 TM250 GT380 GT500 Rotary Engine 750 Water Buffalo Suzuki RM 370 RL250 trials TS 185 TC120 TS250 enduro Rokon 340 Trail Breaker Tyran retro Carabela Can-Am TNT 175 Keep checking your local Craigslist and eBay for bargains. This means that you will need to plan to dedicate quite a bit of time to keeping it looking good and keeping it running. Classic Japanese Vintage Motorcycles

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The 1980's are the next wave of collectable classic motorcycles that can be had at a real bargain right now.Most owners still see these these as just old bikes or junkers. You can about steal them! Choose from 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 are: Honda V65 Magna V45 Sabre CX500 Silverwing Goldwing 1100 1200 GL1200 CR 500 RC1 1000 XR200 CB900F XL 185 XR250 Ascot FT500 FSX Dyna FXR FLH FLHT Fat Boy Heritage EVO Chopper Evolution Can-Am MX6 Ducati Monster 750 Moto Guzzi parts California Police BMW R100 Touring Kawasaki KZ1000 KZ1100 KX125 KX250 KX420 KX500 KTM 495 Whatever the reason, for the mechanically-minded, there are few things as satisfying as laboring to restore a vintage motorcycle. It can be a tough, frustrating experience. But when you at last get that old motor to fire into life and head down a country road. Royal Enfield Ural Maico 490 dealer Alpha Maico 440 Mega GL500 ST90 CT110 CBR550 CR 480 cr 250 CBX 1100cc XR500 XR 600 Yamaha 850 for sale Vmax 1100 YZ250 XT 250 IT250 IT465 IT490 Yamaha XS650 XVT12 Venture XT550 YZ125 YZ465 XJ750 YZ490 AHRMA Husqvarna WR 250 OR parts Husqvarna 390 430 CR Suzuki GS 1100 RM125 RM250 RM400 RM465 RM500 PE250 GS400 DR370 DR400 Suzuki Savage 650 single thumper Harley Davidson 883 XLH 1200 Sportster . Keep checking your local Craigslist and eBay for bargains there are quite a few online stores that are solely dedicated to selling vintage parts for motorcycles. Each store tends to specialize in a number of different brands and some will even allow you to place a product request, so you can be notified.

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